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Postgraduate Scholarships

Are you a teacher or graduate considering postgraduate study?
Will your proposed study have a positive impact on the learning and teaching of technology education?

TENZ welcomes applications from teachers or graduates enrolled in postgraduate study that will enhance any area of the technology curriculum or improve access to technology education.

Teachers' Choice Professional Learning & Development Grant

Effective teaching requires on-going professional development that nurtures the updating and learning of new skills, aligns teaching and learning with current research and changing educational policy or enables the development of effective ways to engage students with authentic learning experiences. Professional development is a key component of a successful career and as such is enshrined in the Standards of the Teaching Profession.

In 2023 TENZ will support teachers to attend or host professional development (PD) that directly benefits the teaching and learning of the technology curriculum. We believe that:

  • supporting teachers to upskill leads to innovative approaches to the student experience
  • PD enables the ongoing successful delivery of authentic technology education
  • teachers know what they need and what form that might take
  • PD comes in many forms, such as local workshops, hosting school-based PD sessions and attending online webinars.