Anyone with an interest in technology education can join TENZ. If this describes you, then you are already one of us. Join us in our aim to promote and support all levels of technology education in New Zealand.

There are three types of membership.


A personal membership of TENZ


A corporate membership for a school or other organisation. Corporate membership can be for up to ten people within the institution.

Note: For Primary Schools there is a flat fee equal to a two-person membership.


Student membership is available for students in their final year of teacher training. Student members will not be charged a subscription during this final year of training but, in the immediate year after beginning work as a teacher, are required to join as either an Individual Member, or within an Institutional membership.


Membership TypeFee (GST incl)
Institution - 2 members$138.25
Institution - 3 members$181.50
Institution - 4 members$224.75
Institution - 5 members$268.00
Institution - 6 members$311.25
Institution - 7 members$354.50
Institution - 8 members$397.75
Institution - 9 members$441.00
Institution - 10 members$484.25
Institution - Primary School (flat fee)$138.25
Student - In final year of teacher training.$0.00

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