TENZ Matanga Project

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This professional learning and development (PLD) is FREE for teachers of technology education. There are a limited number of places across the ECE, Primary and Secondary sectors but if successful, you will attend a meeting in December this year (to introduce you to the programme), so that you will be ready to begin in 2019. As part of this PLD, you will be connected with an identified Matanga (teaching mentor), to support your engagement in modules of work, which will develop your curriculum understandings and generate evidence against the professional teaching standards.

Applications are closed.
CM164 School LeaderSHIP ONLINE BANNERS-600
3 – 4 December 2018 | Grand Millennium, Auckland
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The New Zealand School Leadership Forum is a unique event as it connects Principals, Deputy and Assistant Principals, Trustees, Deans and Senior Leaders from all levels of primary and secondary education. This year focuses on creating leadership vision in a modern climate of change, technology and reform. It discusses challenges and issues relevant to school leaders from all over New Zealand and the best ways to move forward towards positive educational outcomes for all students. Join a discussion on the key leadership challenges and opportunities for your school looking to 2019 and beyond.
Presentations on:

  • Change leadership in a modern climate of reform
  • Supporting school health and well-being for both teachers and students
  • Culturally responsive pedagogy and leadership
  • Creating future-focused learning programmes to better prepare students for the workforce
  • Essential legal knowledge for school leaders’ masterclass
  • Inspiring school leaders' to evolve in a modern climate of change, technology and reform.

2 separately bookable post-conference workshops:

  • Change leadership in schools
  • Essential HR skills for school leaders.
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