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Technology Education New Zealand (TENZ) is a professional association supporting and promoting all levels and areas of technology education in New Zealand.
TENZ is organised by teachers for teachers and our aim is to enhance the learning and teaching of technology by creating a well informed, well connected, supportive, and sustainable professional community that has a strong voice and provides effective advocacy for technology education.

To achieve our aims, we need the support of as many teachers as possible. So join us, and help grow and strengthen our national network supporting and promoting technology education across New Zealand.

News and Information

Applications for the First Round of the 2021 TeachNZ Scholarship Programme are open!

If you are planning on enrolling, or are already enrolled on, an approved Initial Teacher Education course - you are eligible for one of five scholarships.

Whether you are a graduate or undergraduate, a school leaver or a career changer, have the passion to teach early childhood, primary, secondary or in immersion settings; there are great choices available for you.

The scholarships supports you on your journey towards being a great teacher or kaiako. The scholarship can cover the cost of your course fees and pay you an allowance throughout the duration of your study.

Apply here: https://www.teachnz.govt.nz/studying-to-be-a-teacher/scholarships/


TENZ 2020 Techo Challenge

A big thank you to all teachers and students who entered the first TENZ Techno Challenge. Students from Year 1 - 10 were invited to design, model, test and evaluate an outcome designed to help with a need they had identified whilst at home during COVID-19 lockdown.
Judges were very impressed with the creativity and ingenuity of all students and were amazed at the technological understanding and language used in the entries.

Doodle a Design

(aimed at younger students Y1 - 3)

Congratulations to:

First Place

Automatic Toothpaste dispenser: CONRAD HEENAN, Year 3, Prebbleton  Primary school

Second Place

Cat Scarer: ELLA DAWSON Year 1, Prebbleton Primary School

Highly Commended
Harry Aarts, Year 2, Prebbleton Primary school
Jack Bowen, Year 2, Prebbleton Primary school
William Hurrell, Year 2, Prebbleton Primary school
Ramona Rowe, Year 1, Fruitvale School

Model Manufacture

(aimed at Y4 - 7)

Congratulations to:

First Place

Healthy dog treats: SASHA KEY, Year 7, Remarkables Primary school

Joint Second Place
Cat scratch pole: DANIEL LOVEWELL, Year 7, Hadlow school
Joint Second Plaee

Study desk: ZIQI CAO, Year 7, Peachgrove Intermediate school

Highly Commended
Heidi Green, Year 7, Remarkables Primary school
Rosa Dawson, Year 7, Remarkables Primary school
Alex Johnstone, Year 7, Kirkwood Intermediate school

Iterative Inventions

(aimed at Y8 - 10)

Congratulations to:
First Place

Bird Scarer: MAGGIE LANGFORD, Year 7, Remarkables Primary school

Joint Second Place
Horse jump: GEMMA LOVEWELL, Year 10, Nga Tawa Diocesan school
Joint Second Place

Refuse bin catch: VIOLET SMILLIE, Year 8, Remarkables Primary school

Very Highly Commended
Indy Hamilton, Year 7, Remarkables Primary school
Highly Commended

Esther Ide, Year 7, Remarkables Primary school
Bethany Argyle, Year 8, Remarkables Primary school

Also, thanks again to our sponsors who donated prizes for the TENZ Techno Challenge:

Learning Developments


Phoenix Technology


Mrs Priestley ICT

and to the judges who gave up their own time to read and check over 60 entries:

Catherine Johnson

Ruth Lemon

Julie Baker

Wendy Fox-Turnbull

we appreciate the difficulty of making those decisions!


Throughout 2020 teachers of technology education across NZ have put their expertise on display in the flipped classroom. TENZ wants to reward your hard work!

Submit a digital resource, lesson or activity that you have developed to teach online any of the technology areas or STEM and be in to win a $200 prezzy card.

TESAC Best Practice Advice for Re-Entry to Specialist Spaces

Level 2 lockdown sees us returning into our specialist teaching spaces. There is plenty of anxiety for people around this return and rightly so as we all have concerns for the health and wellbeing of ourselves, our whanau and for our students and colleagues. Read TESAC's advice for returning to specialist spaces ...

Support Technology Education

TENZ welcomes support for all aspects of technology education.

By supporting technology education, you will help more students enjoy, and benefit from, effective learning in technology, and see the opportunities of a career in technology. With your assistance, students of all ages can become as excited and passionate about the subject as you are, leading to a more technologically informed society and contributing to a workforce of innovative, creative, independent, lateral thinkers who are both leaders and team players.

Your support could be local, regional or national. It could be focused at early childhood, primary, secondary, or tertiary levels for teachers and/or students.

Types of Support

There is a wide range of ways to support technology education. These could include:

  • Working with students or teachers in a class, school, cluster of schools, region or nationally
  • Providing free or discounted resources or materials
  • Developing teaching materials
  • Providing industry visits
  • Providing experts and expertise (by in-person visit, phone call, email, Skype call, etc.)
  • Being a guest speaker at a school or specially organised event
  • Being a judge for projects
  • Supporting students in their design and manufacture of products
  • Providing technical support for the use of tools and equipment.
  • Sponsoring awards for individual, class, school, region, or national project(s)
  • Sponsoring students to continue with further study

Suppliers and Contacts

TENZ is developing web-based information about suppliers and contacts. We are keen for this to develop into the go-to website for all teachers of technology.

Would you like to have your company, service, products, contact details, ....  added to this site?
Contact us

Sponsors and Advertisers


We are keen to hear from sponsors who want to advertise to our members about offers and discounts for students and/or teachers that we can include in our newsletters.


Every two years TENZ holds a national conference which provides opportunities for providers to showcase their products and support technology education.

Sponsorship and advertising opportunities include:

  • Sponsorship that will be strongly promoted throughout the conference
  • Trade displays
  • TENZ awards (formally announced at the conference dinner)
  • Conference gifts and prizes
  • Sponsorship of conference bags, inserts or giveaways
  • Sponsorship of conference catering (morning teas, afternoon teas, lunch, conference dinner, conference welcome)
  • Sponsorship to enable a teacher to attend the conference (This could include a teacher from a specific field, a remote region or a NZ region recently affected by hardship – such as floods, drought, earthquakes, etc.)
  • Sponsorship to enable a Matanga (expert) to travel to run a workshop at the conference
  • Sponsorship of early childhood, primary or secondary school student(s) to present their exemplary work
  • Sponsorship of best paper award for an international researcher, NZ researcher, NZ masters research student, NZ doctoral research student, international doctoral research student, or for the best paper in a particular field

If you are keen to support technology education in any way please contact us.