About TENZ

Technology Education New Zealand (TENZ) is a non profit professional, collaborative association, promoting and supporting all levels of technology education in New Zealand.

TENZ is organised by teachers for teachers and our aim is to enhance the learning and teaching of technology by creating a well informed, well connected, supportive, and sustainable professional community that has a strong voice and provides effective advocacy for technology education.

To achieve our aims, we need the support of as many teachers as possible. So join us, and help grow and strengthen our national network supporting and promoting technology education across New Zealand.


Our aims are to:

  • foster the development of technology education in New Zealand
  • develop and maintain national and international links between those working in technology education and with the wider technological community
  • support professional, curriculum, and resource development in technology education
  • encourage and support research in technology education
  • organise a national, biennial technology education conference
  • work closely with other subject associations for mutual benefit of technology education.

Brief History

Technology Education New Zealand (TENZ) was established in 1996 to foster the development of technology education in New Zealand schools.

In 1997 Dr Alister Jones, now Senior Deputy Vice Chancellor of Waikato University, established the original TENZ Trust Board and in 2005 Alister initiated the change from Trust Board to a member-elected TENZ Council, of which Alister was the first chair.

In its early years, administrative and financial services were provided for TENZ by the Royal Society of New Zealand (RSNZ) and then, in 2006, TENZ moved its administrative base from the RSNZ to the Institute of Professional Engineers New Zealand (IPENZ) now, as of 2017, called Engineering New Zealand (ENZ).

TENZ is constituted as a Technical Interest Group (TIG) within ENZ who continue to provide administrative and financial services for the association and with whom we share goals for the ongoing development and promotion of technology education within New Zealand.

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National Council

TENZ is managed by its National Council, members of which are elected by financial members of the association.

Council positions are for two years and two members of the council roll off every two years.
Information about the current TENZ Council can be found here - TENZ Council.

As a Technical Interest Group within Engineering New Zealand (ENZ), the association's administration and financial services are provided by ENZ.


Anyone with an interest in technology education can join TENZ.

There are three types of membership:


TENZ Institution Membership is intended for schools.
With a TENZ Institution Membership, your school can join TENZ and have as many school staff as you wish registerd as members within your Institution Membership i.e. all staff involved in technology education can be registered as members.


An Individual Membership is a personal membership of TENZ. This type of membership is for you if you have an interest in technology education but do not work in a New Zealand school, e.g. you work in an associated industry or service, or you work in a tertiary institution.


Student Membership is to help beginning teachers join the technology education community and network and is available for students in their final year of teacher training.

For more details, and to join TENZ, use the button below.

Support Technology Education

TENZ welcomes support for all aspects of technology education.

By supporting technology education, you will help more students enjoy, and benefit from, effective learning in technology, and see the opportunities of a career in technology. With your assistance, students of all ages can become as excited and passionate about the subject as you are, leading to a more technologically informed society and contributing to a workforce of innovative, creative, independent, lateral thinkers who are both leaders and team players.

Your support could be local, regional or national. It could be focused at early childhood, primary, secondary, or tertiary levels for teachers and/or students.

Types of Support

There is a wide range of ways to support technology education. These could include:

  • Working with students or teachers in a class, school, cluster of schools, region or nationally
  • Providing free or discounted resources or materials
  • Developing teaching materials
  • Providing industry visits
  • Providing experts and expertise (by in-person visit, phone call, email, Skype call, etc.)
  • Being a guest speaker at a school or specially organised event
  • Being a judge for projects
  • Supporting students in their design and manufacture of products
  • Providing technical support for the use of tools and equipment.
  • Sponsoring awards for individual, class, school, region, or national project(s)
  • Sponsoring students to continue with further study

Suppliers and Contacts

TENZ is developing web-based information about suppliers and contacts. We are keen for this to develop into the go-to website for all teachers of technology.

Would you like to have your company, service, products, contact details, ....  added to this site?
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Sponsors and Advertisers


We are keen to hear from sponsors who want to advertise to our members about offers and discounts for students and/or teachers that we can include in our newsletters.


Every two years TENZ holds a national conference which provides opportunities for providers to showcase their products and support technology education.

Sponsorship and advertising opportunities include:

  • Sponsorship that will be strongly promoted throughout the conference
  • Trade displays
  • TENZ awards (formally announced at the conference dinner)
  • Conference gifts and prizes
  • Sponsorship of conference bags, inserts or giveaways
  • Sponsorship of conference catering (morning teas, afternoon teas, lunch, conference dinner, conference welcome)
  • Sponsorship to enable a teacher to attend the conference (This could include a teacher from a specific field, a remote region or a NZ region recently affected by hardship – such as floods, drought, earthquakes, etc.)
  • Sponsorship to enable a Matanga (expert) to travel to run a workshop at the conference
  • Sponsorship of early childhood, primary or secondary school student(s) to present their exemplary work
  • Sponsorship of best paper award for an international researcher, NZ researcher, NZ masters research student, NZ doctoral research student, international doctoral research student, or for the best paper in a particular field

If you are keen to support technology education in any way please contact us.