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The aim of the resource

TENZ is committed to developing and sharing educational resources that support Technology education across Aotearoa New Zealand. These resources have been developed to support the understanding in designing and developing materials outcomes. It covers:

  • Exploration of different types of fabrics
  • Understanding performance properties of materials
  • Linking materials to specific uses through analysis of performance properties
  • Technological outcomes
  • Testing performance properties of materials to make suitable selections for technological outcomes.

Key aspects of NZC Technology can be taught through this resource by exploring fabric and textiles materials including using the senses to understand performance properties and reinforcing how to select appropriate materials for specific technological outcomes through testing & trialling.

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Included in this resource

  • Fabric swatch posters & handouts
  • Performance properties vocabulary and match game
  • Technological outcomes & their properties handout
  • Testing performance properties of materials activity & handout