TENZ 2021 Mini-Conferences

Traditionally TENZ holds a national conference every two years. However in response to COVID and potential regional-lockdowns, in 2021 TENZ will hold regional mini-conferences. Rather than one central, large, three-day conference, these two-day mini-conferences will be spread throughout New Zealand.

These mini-conferences will provide an opportunity to network with colleagues, recharge your batteries, and get inspired by undertaking hands-on activities, visits to your local area, and listening to inspirational speakers.  They will be designed to focus and showcase the regions’ industries. These industries will form a key part of the mini-conference, with speakers, visits and workshops relating to the sector, for example high country sheep farming, fishing, dairying, forestry.

Where possible, each mini-conference will focus on one of the technological areas. We hope in this way each mini-conference will be useful for teachers no matter what sector or background. We envisage that possibly a whole centre, syndicate, department or school, may wish to attend their regional mini-conference but teachers with a specific focus may also prefer to travel to another region which has a mini conference focusing on a specific tech area e.g. digital or foods, of interest to them.