Reflect, Innovate, Shine, and Educate

TENZ 2019 Conference is looking to be an amazing experience. A conference specifically designed for teachers in the early childhood, primary, secondary, and tertiary sectors, with something for all levels and all technological areas.

This is the place to meet with like-minded educators, in an enjoyable setting, and we think everyone will gain something they can take back to the classroom with them. There will be a variety of opportunities to learn new techniques from fellow teachers, as well as look at new products, tools, and hear from organisations which support students’ learning in technology education. On top of discussions, there are a variety of practical sessions for teachers to gain confidence and skills, providing information about what works and what doesn’t, as well as how to get your class humming.

There will also be a showcase of the work of leading researchers in the field of technology education.

Our September 2019 newsletter is available below to read, print, or download.