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The aim of the resource

TENZ is committed to developing and sharing educational resources that support Technology education across Aotearoa New Zealand. This particular resource has been developed based on an actual lesson that has been taught in class by a technology specialist at year 7. It covers:

  • Ideas for authentic contexts, needs & stakeholders
  • Inspiration for planning - lesson & activities
  • Materials Technology, especially performance properties
  • Exploring and analysing technological products

Key aspects of NZC Technology can be taught through this resource by exploring technological products including performance properties of materials and how these can impact product design, consideration of uses of materials, product analysis, developing understanding of the terms technically feasible, socially acceptable, subjective measurement and objective measurement.

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Included in this resource

  • a detailed descriptive lesson plan (using a TENZ template)
  • teaching slides introducing the context and explaining the activities
  • student handouts to support and scaffold the learning.